Deburring/polishing system for door handles

Deburring/polishing system for door handles
[ Image ] Deburring/polishing system for door handles

With a sanding head installed, works from deburring to polishing are covered.

Machining with a sanding head is performed while grasping a workpiece. Compared to a tool grasping type, machining within a narrow range of motion realizes space saving.
  • A sanding belt is rotated to polish the workpiece. Functionality to absorb variations of a workpiece, and others are provided as standard.
  • Arrangement of multiple workpieces at the main unit base side made possible in advance. The burden of loading/unloading workpieces is lightened.
  • Safety guards considering dust processing are adopted. As an option, a dust collector can be installed separately. The system can be customized to suit the customer's environment.
  • The layout is designed so that all operations can be performed at the front of the machine, such as checking the operation panel and the operation of the air equipment, teaching, and tool replacement. Usability and maintainability will be increased.


Application examples
Crank Brake lever Doorknob
  • [ Image ] Crank


  • [ Image ] Brake lever

    Brake lever

  • [ Image ] Doorknob


Footprint W2000mm x D2000mm+α x H2000mm
Handling method Workpiece grasping type


[ Image ] Dimensions


Type WS056S (part handling deburring and polishing machine)
Footprint W2000mm x D2000mm+α x H2000mm
Wight 1500kg
Application examples Deburring and polishing of small metal parts.
Parts must have areas within 200 × 200 mm and weights at or below 1 kg.
Workpiece supply and removal Manual supply/removal by the operator to/from a fixture/pallet on the single row air shuttle (standard)
Machine type selection 1–99 numerical selection system
Robot FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iD/7 customized by Yamaha
Power supply 3-phase, 200 to 220V+10%/-15% AC, 50/60Hz
Power supply capacity 5kVA
Air supply Air pressure: 0.4 MPa Consumption: 100 NL/min
Others Custom designs are available.


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