Film Puncher Tooling Hole Punching Machine

A wide range of sheet materials from thin to thick ones are supported. With an electric punching head, high-speed, high-accuracy punching is realized.
Our proprietary electric punching head realizes punching at high speed up to 0.08 seconds/hole. In addition to high-precision (±20 μm) machining based on image alignment, also supported is NC machining for exposure fiducial marks.

Features of Film Puncher

Round hole punching equipment for film materials

  • Punching at high speed (12 holes/second) with high accuracy (±20 μm) realized
  • Model best suited for punching tooling holes for exposure and outline machining
  • In addition to film materials, some thick sheet products also supported
[ Image ] Round hole punching equipment for film materials

Work sheet clamps with XY tension mechanism

A work sheet is held stably by clamping its four corners and applying tension in the XY directions.

  • Stable machining of a work sheet that is thin or strongly warped made possible by applying tension in the XY-directions
[ Image ] Work sheet clamps with XY tension mechanism

Roll feed system

Nip roll system (Left)

  • Roll fed by driving the nip roll

Grip feeding system (Right)

  • Grip feeding operation unlikely to damage work sheets
[ Image ] Roll feed system

Machining accuracy measurement function

After punching, punching deviation is measured to detect a non-conforming item.

  • Model contributing to machining result analysis and product management efficiency improvement
  • Correction of punch positions based on the punching deviation tendency contributes to machining accuracy improvement
[ Image ] Machining accuracy measurement function

Selectable punch head mechanism

A punch head structure is selectable to respond to thin and thick material work sheets.

  • High-speed type: Electric punching head (solenoid driven)
  • High-thrust type: NC punching head (NC servo control)

Sophisticated software

Various functions for productivity improvements are provided as standard features.

  • Punching path optimization function
  • One touch accuracy correction after tool replacement
  • Program automatic conversion function from drill data/drawing data
  • Machining data creation by easy teaching

Application examples

[ Image ] Flex PCB, PI film
Flex PCB, PI film
[ Image ] Touch Panel
Touch Panel
[ Image ] Various film materials
Various film materials

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