Chamfering system for aluminum wheels

Chamfering system for aluminum wheels
[ Image ] Chamfering system for aluminum wheels

Machining burrs formed at decorative wheel rims removed

A head specially designed for aluminum wheels removes burrs formed on the decorative wheel rims. With a dedicated tool holder, high-quality chamfering is realized.
  • A tool holder specially developed for chamfering decorative aluminum wheel rims is installed on a small robot.
  • Space saving realized by an NC index rotating the workpiece to supplement the robot's range of motion.
  • Automatic origin indexing is performed by a dedicated sensor. This made positioning work during setup easy.


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Aluminum wheels for automobile

    Aluminum wheels for automobile

Footprint W1250mm x D1250mm+α x H2000mm
Handling method Tool grasping type


[ Image ] Dimensions


Type TR057AC (Decorative aluminum wheel rim chamfer machine)
Footprint W1250mm x D1250mm+α x H2000mm
Weight 800kg
Application examples 14–20-in
Workpiece clamp jig (change attachments every 3in or 5in)
Workpiece supply and removal Manual supply and removal by operator
Equipment specifications Workpiece NC index (using robot added axis NC motor)
Workpiece auto-centering clamp
Workpiece automatic origin detection system
Tool holder Air-driven motor, floating mechanism for deburring
Machine type selection 1–99 numerical selection system
Robot FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iD/7 customized by Yamaha
Power supply 3-phase, 200 to 220V+10%/-15% AC, 50/60Hz
Power supply capacity 1.2kVA
Air supply Air pressure: 0.5 MPa Consumption: 300 NL/min
Others Automated door with an area sensor (can be connected to a synchronizer)


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