About Yamaha Fine Technologies

We deliver the ultimate in quality.
At the very heart of Yamaha Fine Technologies’ products are the technology and skills Yamaha developed through the crafting of musical instruments.
The parts we make for vehicle interiors combine the warmth of wood with the quality levels demanded of industrial products, while our factory automation systems deliver the required performance and functionality with exceptional reliability.
Both are crystallizations of the same Yamaha Monozukuri technology that has delivered musical instruments
—which are intricate products in themselves—around the world.
Yamaha Fine Technologies will continue to deliver Monozukuri that meets and exceeds expectations,
through our pursuit of technologies that take precision to the limit.

Factory Automation

Yamaha Fine Technologies applies the advanced production technologies developed through musical instrument manufacturing to a wide range of applications.

In order to facilitate the rapid advancement of cutting-edge Monozukuri, our factory automation products utilize a wealth of proprietary automation technologies.
In addition to the precision machines that are essential for manufacturing mobile devices, we develop and produce inspection systems such as leak testers and ultrasonic testers which support the enhancement of automotive and home electrical products, and finishing robots, which have inherited the skills of expert artisans.
At Yamaha Fine Technologies, we ensure that Yamaha quality, which has gone beyond musical instruments to redefine standards in a range of industries, will be at the heart of the products you make.
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Car Parts

Our unique technologies offer the elegance and quality befitting high-grade vehicles.

The world views expressed in luxury vehicle interiors is uniquely alluring.
Yamaha Fine Technologies combines wood processing and coating technologies developed in piano manufacturing with the special materials treatment technologies and techniques used for bonding between different materials to craft the high-quality interior parts that are the subject of so much desire.
In recent years, we have adopted new materials such as CFRP, and developed new technologies such as laser etching decoration and the YMC construction method to allow the creation of innovative designs, and give free rein to the imaginations of car designers.
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