Corporate Profile

Here are the basic management information, history, and organizational structure of Yamaha Fine Technologies Co., Ltd.


Address 283 Aoya-Cho, Chuo-ku Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 435-8568, Japan.
CEO Tomohiro Kawami
Established February 14, 1987
Start of operations April 1, 1987
Capital 100 million yen (wholly-owned subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation)
Yearly sales 13.69 billion yen (projected figure for the fiscal year ending March 2023)
Business fields Car Parts Division: Development, manufacturing, and sales of Automotive interior decorative parts.
FA Division: Development, manufacturing, and sales of production facility and equipment such as testers and machining equipment.
Employees 315 (projected figure for the fiscal year ending June 2023)
Banks of account Shizuoka Bank, Mizuho Bank
Inquiry Administration Division / TEL : +81-53-467-3600  FAX : +81-53-467-3613
Car Parts Division / TEL : +81-53-461-6115  FAX : +81-53-461-6776
FA Division / TEL : +81-53-467-3601  FAX : +81-53-467-3613


1987 Separated from the Yamaha Corporation Production Engineering Die Division and established as YSK.
1989 Entered into the field of plastic molding (transferred from the Yamaha Corporation Injection Molding Division).
1993 Entered into the field of mechatronics (transferred from the Yamaha Corporation Specialized Machinery Division).
1997 Relocated from the Yamaha Corporation Nishiyama Factory to the present Tenryu Factory.
Entered into the field of magnesium alloy molding.
2000 Entered into the field of factory automation (transferred from the Yamaha Corporation FA Division and combined with the Yamaha Fine Technologies Mechatronics Division).
2002 Established a business alliance between the FA Finishing Robot System Division and FANUC Ltd.
2007 Entered into the field of automotive interior decorative parts (transferred from the Yamaha Corporation Automotive Component Division).
2010 Withdrawn from the field of magnesium molded parts and the field of Die.
2013 Entered into hydrogen business.
2014 Opened FA Division, Shanghai Office in China.
2015 Entered into ultrasonic business.
Opened Car Parts Division, North America Office (Indiana State).
2016 Opened FA Division, Tokyo Office.
Opened FA Division, Shenzhen Office in China.

Organizational Chart

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