Teaching support

Teaching support
[ Image ] Teaching support
Finishing depends on human senses in many parts. Load put on teaching is a headache to many people. To reduce such load, the robot jointly developed by FANUC and us, “the FINISHING MODEL” is introduced here. Offline teaching can also be executed.

In pursuit of easy-to-use robots

Yamaha started to team up with FANUC, a world-reputed company, in 2002. The technologies of both companies have been put together, aiming to not only ensure stable quality but also provide robots anyone can handle. The robot dedicated to finishing, “the FINISHING ROBOT”, was jointly developed.

Teaching support software

This software is “an operability improving package dedicated to finishing robots” developed based on long years of experience. It radically reduces time for work whose load is heavy such as teaching work and data editing work. This software is provided to the FINISHING MODEL as standard.
[ Image ] Teaching support software

Offline teaching

Offline teaching, which loads 3D data and automatically creates a machining path, can be proposed. Without stopping the robot, data can be created; it becomes possible to maintain high accuracy efficiently.


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