Ultrasonic Tester Non-contact Ultrasonic Testing System

Contact-free inspection through ultrasonic transmission detecting air bubbles, separation, and foreign materials inside workpieces.
With a Yamaha ultrasonic amplifier installed, contact-less inspection in the air is realized.
Without damaging or wetting the workpiece, it is possible to inspect the workpiece for packing defects, air bubbles, and even flaw depth.

Features of Ultrasonic Tester

Through non-contact, non-destructive, and dry inspection using ultrasonic, air bubbles, peeling spots, and foreign materials inside the workpieces are detected.

When focus ultrasonic is sent to the inspection target region, the amount of ultrasonic passing through decreases in an area where a foreign material or peeling spot exists, and it is displayed as a shaded area on the inspection image. Then, the shaded area on the image is detected with the threshold value and judged.

Ultrasonic inspection equipment schematic diagram

[ Image ] Ultrasonic inspection equipment schematic diagram

Image of ultrasonic passing through

[ Image ] Image of ultrasonic passing through

Application example

[ Image ] Application example

A lithium-ion battery liquid electrolyte impregnation test made possible

If air bubbles remain after vacuum injection of a liquid electrolyte, it is thought that there will be resistance in the area where they remain, and the following loop will be formed: heat generation - generation of more air bubbles - heat generation. Also, air bubbles are supposed to be one of the causes that prevent battery performance from increasing. An ultrasonic test can inspect the inside of the battery without touching the battery to detect the flaws caused by air bubbles.

Application examples

Application image / Name Details
[ Image ] Lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion battery

Inspection of the pouch for residual air bubbles and impregnation inside
Inspection of the thermal heat sealed section for detects
Tab welding performance evaluation
Flaw depth evaluation
[ Image ] Aluminum laminate

Aluminum laminate

Package laminate defect inspection
[ Image ] Pouch thermal heat sealing

Pouch thermal heat sealing

Crimping defect inspection
[ Image ] CFRP/composite material

CFRP/composite material

Bonding inspection
Composite material flaw inspection
Hardness measurement
[ Image ] Connectors


Crimping defect inspection
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  5. Order received
  6. Transport and adjustment
  7. Fabrication
  8. On-site inspection/improvements in response to customer feedback/transport and adjustmen

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