Micro Prober MP Series High Frequency Characteristics Measurement System

Industry-leading systems that measure the frequency characteristics of high-speed transmission PCBs precisely and automatically.
The Micro Prober MP Series are systems for measuring the frequency characteristics of bare  boards automatically, achieving both high contact accuracy and repetition stability simultaneously. These systems, which are combined with vector network analyzers to enable measurement of multi-piece-simultaneous at high speed, are optimum for inspection, evaluation, and analysis of circuit boards that will lead to the 5G society.
[ Image ] High Frequency Characteristics Measurement

Features of Micro Prober MP Series

Measure all high-frequency characteristics

Automation allows measurement of all high frequency characteristics, which was previously difficult to achieve.
[ Image ] Measure all high-frequency characteristics Before
[ Image ] Measure all high-frequency characteristics After

High repeatability and reproducibility

Probe contact conditions can be maintained consistently even when the substrate is bent or warped, providing high repeatability and reproducibility. Small differences between the characteristics of individual pieces can be identified clearly.
[ Image ] High repeatability and reproducibility Before
[ Image ] High repeatability and reproducibility After

High throughput

Can be combined with multi-port VNA for use in mass production. Allows batch measurement of multiple pieces and multiple traces.
[ Image ] High throughput

Visualization of quality and 100% guarantee

All real circuits on a bare board can be measured, allowing provision of feedback on quality to upstream processes, and ensuring quality for processes downstream.
[ Image ] Visualization of quality and 100% guarantee Before
[ Image ] Visualization of quality and 100% guarantee After

Various measurement items

Combining commercial VNA allows measurement for a wide range of applications. (VNA = Vector Network Analyzer)
[ Image ] Various measurement items

Double-sided inspection

Independent upper and lower probing test heads allow measurement of substrates with test points on both sides.
[ Image ] Double-sided inspection

Easy operation

Simple fixture switching system and automatic contact position adjustment allows use without relying on operator skill.
[ Image ] Easy operation

100% traceability

Links measurement results for individual pieces with a 2D barcode on the substrate, and saves them automatically.
[ Image ] 100% traceability

Auto-loader and unloader*1

Completely automated loading and unloading of substrates, helping to reduce labor requirements and standardize quality.
*1 Option
[ Image ] Auto-loader and unloader

Application examples

[ Image ] Rigid PCB
Rigid PCB
[ Image ] Flex PCB
Flex PCB
[ Image ] Rigid Flex PCB
Rigid Flex PCB

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