For width: 510 mm, roll to roll, large size pieces MT512-GFR

For width: 510 mm, roll to roll, large size pieces
[ Image ] For width: 510 mm, roll to roll, large size pieces MT512-GFR
A 510 mm wide roll transfer type machine. This model is best suited for inspection of large sized chips.  Continuity/insulation inspection with ±5 μm high accuracy is possible. With the grip feeding system, which is unlikely to damage work sheets, work sheets are fed.


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Touch panel (ITO)

    Touch panel (ITO)

Max. work sheet size Roll width : 510mm
Max. test fixture size When not rotating:X600 / Y500mm
Work sheet transfer Loading:Roll Unloading:Roll


[ Image ] Dimensions MT512-GFR


Model MT512-GFR
Type MT512-GFR-N
Application examples Touch panel (ITO)
Test capability Max. number of test points Upper head:1,022 / Lower head:1,022
Work sheet size Roll witdh : 300~510mm
Max. test range*1 X590 x Y490 mm
Max. test fixture size When rotating: No rotation / When not rotating : X600 x Y500mm
Positioning accuracy*2 ±50μm
Test specifications Determination method Open/short (pass/fail determined based on specified resistance value)
Open test*2 Test range: 2 wire test 10Ω~ 10kΩ (0.5mA,10mA)
4 wire test 1mΩ~ 500Ω (10mA, 40mA, 100mA)
Open voltage: 15V ~ 50V
Test accuracy: 2 wire test ±10% (50Ω~ 10kΩ), ±5Ω (10Ω~ 50Ω)
4 wire test ±10% (1mΩ~ 500Ω)
Short test*2 Test range: 100kΩ~ 100MΩ
Test voltage: 50V ~ 250V
Test accuracy: ±10%
Options μ Short test, Spark detection, Heating test, Non contact test
Work sheet transfer Loading / Unloading Roll
Image processing Camera view X4.8 x Y3,6mm (standard)
Pattern detection Pattern recognition via grayscale
Illumination type Transmission light, reflection light
Hardware Interface LAN・USB
Display 15 inch LCD with touch panel
Software OS Windows7
Production support function Automatic fixture correction, output of test result log, automatic retry test, fixture stroke count
Usage environment Weight Approx. 3,250kg
Power supply 3-phase, 180 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 6kVA
Dry air 0.5MPa
  1. The actual test range varies depending on the fixture shape, holding range, etc.
  2. Data taken from our performance test.


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