Sniffer Detector YHS-630

Sniffer Detector
[ Image ] Sniffer Detector YHS-630

By putting its probe in direct contact with the workpiece, this detector can identify the leak location.

With the sniffer probe in direct contact with a workpiece, the sensor detects a leak. The leak location is identified. Since installation is easy, the cost of installation is low.
  • The touch panel easy to understand at a glance and easy to operate
[ Image ] Touch panel
  • Sniffer probe to be in direct touch with a workpiece for identifying the leak location
[ Image ] Sniffer probe


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Engine


  • [ Image ] Air intake

    Air intake

  • [ Image ] Air conditioner

    Air conditioner

Detection method Sniffer method
Detectable leak rate 1x10-6Pa~1×10--2Pa・m3/s
Feature Inline support possible


[ Image ] Dimensions


Leak detector YHS-600
Judgment leak rate 1×10-8~1×10-2Pa・m3/sec
Minimum detection leak rate 1×10-8Pa・m3/sec
Startup time 3 minutes
Number of analysis tube filaments Double Filaments (2)
Analysis tube seal Flat Gasket
Calibration External
Temperature 10~40℃
Humidity 90% or less
Power supply AC 100V±10% Single phase 50 / 60Hz 10A
Dimensions W546mm x D378mm x H470mm
Weight 46kg


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