Leak Tester for Lithium-ion Battery Cases

Leak Tester for Lithium-ion Battery Cases
[ Image ] Leak Tester for Lithium-ion Battery Cases

This tester performs a full automatic inspection of lithium-ion battery cases for tiny leaks.

Rectangular or cylinder type lithium-ion cases are inspected at high speed with high accuracy, and by saving space. A compact design that takes into account ease of installation into an existing production line is adopted to realize high-speed testing operation at a cycle time of 3 seconds per workpiece.


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Metal can-type

    Metal can-type

  • [ Image ] Cylindrical type

    Cylindrical type

Applicable case size Design customized to suit the size of the workpiece required by the customer.
Detectable leak rate 1.0x10-9Pa~9.0x10-3Pa・m3/s
Detection method Vacuum chamber method

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