Leak Tester for Automobile Parts

Leak Tester for Automobile Parts
[ Image ] Leak Tester for Automobile Parts

A low-cost, space-saving, short-delivery, and compact packaged type leak tester.
Best suited for replacement of submerged-type inspection or differential pressure type inspection.

Major functions enabling accurate leak inspection are concentrated in one compact package. Functions can be selected to suit the customer needs, such as a workpiece to be inspected and cycle time.
  • A package for engine covers and a package for shock absorbers available
  • Accurate leak inspection possible without being affected by the temperature of workpiece or the temperature and humidity in the use environment. Inspection possible immediately after temporary washing or high-temperature washing.


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Engine


  • [ Image ] Air intake

    Air intake

  • [ Image ] Air conditioner

    Air conditioner

For engine covers

Applicable tank size 400 cc workpiece (1000) and core (600)
Detectable leak rate 1.0x10-9Pa~9.0×10-3Pa・m3/s
Detection method Vacuum chamber method

For shock absorbers

Applicable tank size 115 cc workpiece (400) and core (285)
Detectable leak rate 1.0x10-9Pa~9.0×10-3Pa・m3/s
Detection method Vacuum chamber method

Demo system example

Workpiece: Engine cover (front left side), shock absorber (front right side)
[ Image ] Leak Tester for Automobile Parts Front
[ Image ] Leak Tester for Automobile Parts Back


[ Image ] Dimensions


Applications Engine cover Absorber
Detection capability Detection method 180 degree magnetic deflection type mass spectrometer
Detection capability 1.0 x 10-9 ~ 9.0 x 10-3 [Pa・m3/sec]
Cycle time (excluding work replacement) Depend on chamber size and Leak rate
Helium charging pressure Max. 0.9Mpa(G)
Workpiece volume 400 [cc]
((Workpiece=1000) - (core (600))
115 [cc]
((Workpiece=400) - (core (285))
Selected unit Chamber size W380mm x D285mm x H120mm
Approx. 13L
W120mm x D100mm x H345mm
Approx. 4.2L
Demo system dimensions W900mm x D1100mm x H1500mm
Chamber vacuum pump 100[m3/h]
Workpiece vacuum pump 21[m3/h]
Detector vacuum pump 25[m3/h]
Usage environment Temperature 10~40℃
Power supply 3ØAC200V±10% 50/60Hz 300VA
Helium 0.4[MPa] Rc 3/8 inch
Air 0.4[MPa] Rc 3/8 inch
Nitrogen 0.2[MPa] Rc 3/8 inch
Display Display 5 inch LCD touch panel
Language Selectable between Japanese and English
Inspection mode Helium test, master check (inspection based on reference leak)
Calibration External / Internal
Setting Threshold value, master check upper limit, lower limit, calibration leak rate, and others
Records Test result / Error records / Maintenance records / Accumulation counter
I / O I / O signals are 20 (External start / stop, Mode selection, Error signal etc.)
Data USB port (type A) USB Ver1.1 compliant
A commercially available USB memory stick or CF I/F is connected to store the settings, test histories, and error histories in it.
*This system is assumed for a demo system by Yamaha Fine Tech. and the specifications (leakage, charging pressure, etc.) are not referred to the customer.


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