High-thrust model/automatic loading/unloading support T501P-HA

High-thrust model/automatic loading/unloading support
[ Image ] High-thrust model・automatic loading/unloading support T501P-HA
A full-automatic type of machine in which a work sheet is loaded/unloaded automatically. Up to 5 t thrust trimming at high speed (0.60 seconds/hole) with high accuracy (±20 μm) is possible. This machine contributes to labor savings.


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Flex PCB

    Flex PCB

  • [ Image ] Rigid Flex PCB

    Rigid Flex PCB

  • [ Image ] Rigid PCB

    Rigid PCB

  • [ Image ] Touch panel

    Touch panel

  • [ Image ] Metallic board etc.

    Metallic board etc.

Max. work sheet size X510 x Y610mm
Work sheet transfer Loading:Automatic Unloading:Automatic
Thrust power Approx. 5t


[ Image ] Dimensions T501P-HA


Model T501P
Type T501P-HA
Application examples Flex PCB, Various film materials etc.
Processing capability Work sheet size X150~510mm / Y150~610mm
Range*1 Range excluding an area of X12 x Y55mm from four corners of work sheet
Accuracy*2 ±20μm
Speed*2 0.6 s/shot
Punching head No. of heads 1
Thrust Power Approx. 49,000N (5,000kgf)
Die module Max. punching size X150mm x Y150mm
Max. half-cutting size X265mm x Y195mm
Built-in RFID Provided
Work sheet transfer Loading / Unloading Automatic
Image processing Camera view X4.8 x Y3.6mm (standard)
Pattern detection Pattern recognition via grayscale
Illumination type Transmission light, reflection light
Hardware Interface LAN,USB
Display 17 inch LCD with touch panel
Software OS Windows7
Production support function Punching deviation measurement, NG punching, automatic creation of optimal punching path, automatic punching offset, punching deviation accuracy measurement, measurement result output, die shot count
Usage environment Weight Approx. 3,000kg
Power supply 3-phase, 180 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 5kVA
Dry air 0.5MPa
  1. The actual processing range varies depending on the die module shape, holding range, etc.
  2. Data taken using our test work sheet.


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