Non-contact Ultrasonic Tester SST-304 / SST-304C

Non-contact Ultrasonic Tester
SST-304 / SST-304C
[ Image ] Non-contact Ultrasonic Tester SST-304series

This equipment can inspect various workpieces for air bubbles, peeling spots, defects, and crimping failures inside.

With a Yamaha ultrasonic amplifier installed, inspection without touching the workpiece in the air is realized. Air bubbles and peeling spots difficult to be detected by X-ray inspection can be vividly detected. A standalone/general-purpose type, and a full-auto/conveyor type are available.
[ Image ] Inspection illustration
  • Non-contact inspection based on ultrasonic transmission by using sound (="sono") image (="graph")
  • SST-304C supporting product line and automation. Design and manufacturing carried out according to the customer's specifications
  • Various defect inspections supported
  • Customization supported depending on the workpiece size (Such as changing the equipment size)


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Lithium-ion battery

    Lithium-ion battery

  • [ Image ] CFRP/composite material

    CFRP/composite material

SST-304, Standalone/general-purpose type

Scanning range W322 x D230㎜
Loading / Unloading Manual
Feature High general versatility

SST-304C, Full-auto/conveyor type

Scanning range W400 x D280㎜
Loading / Unloading Automatic
Feature Production line/automation supported

Solution Cases

Lithium-ion battery air bubble inspection

Inspection of the pouch for residual air bubbles and impregnation inside is possible. Inspection can be performed quantitatively by using threshold values.
[ Image ] Lithium-ion battery air bubble inspection

Flaw depth evaluation <Patent pending>

Through the calibration method by focusing any layer, flaw depth can be analyzed by obtaining tomography images.
[ Image ] Flaw depth evaluation <Patent pending>

Package laminate defect inspection

A high-speed perimeter scan detects a signal drop.
[ Image ] Package laminate defect inspection

CFRP and composite material flaw inspection

[ Image ] CFRP and composite material flaw inspection


[ Image ] Dimensions SST-304
[ Image ] Dimensions SST-304C


Type SST-304 SST-304C
Scanning range W322 x D230mm W400 x D280mm
Drive AC servo motor 4 axis AC servo motor 4 axis
(Drive option) Rotation measurement unit (servo motor 1 axis)  
Display 18.5 inch wide LCD 24 inch wide LCD
Weight Approx. 450kg Approx. 600kg
Power voltage, power supply AC100V~220V, 50/60Hz, 1kVA AC100V~220V, 50Hz, 1kVA
Air Unused Unused
Usage temperature 5~40℃ 5~40℃
Automatic test   Communication with the host computer via an external IO terminal
Barcode acquisition, storage of results
A wide variety of models supported through model registration
* Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.


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