Heat Seal Tester SST-001

Heat Seal Tester
[ Image ] Heat Seal Tester SST-001

Non-contact, high-speed, pouch thermal heat sealing inspection

This equipment performs the crimping failure inspection without touching or wetting the thermal heat-sealed section of a retort pouch, etc. The equipment is capable of 1,000 mm/s high-speed inspection, and even when it is added to a production line, it can ensure the execution of inspection without interrupting the production flow.
[ Image ] Heat Seal Tester illustration
  • Measured data converted into numerical values to judge the conformity
  • Small inspection head adopted so as to allow the equipment to be added to the existing production line
  • Minimum detected flaw size: 1 mm wide


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Pouch thermal heat sealing

    Pouch thermal heat sealing

  • [ Image ] Food and detergent containers

    Food and detergent containers

Scanning range 1mm
Feature Inline support
Scanning speed 1,000mm/sec


[ Image ] Dimensions SST-001


Product composition Ultrasonic scanning unit 1 set
Ultrasonic sensor head unit : Probe holder / Probe (transmitted & received)
Ultrasonic Pulsar Receiver
Control PC
Peripheral devices 1set : display, keyboard, mouse
Scanning range 1mm
Scanning speed 1,000mm/sec
Control PC PC : Built-in product
OS : Windows 10
Input : Keyboard / mouse
Display : LCD panel display (HDMI)
Data SSD
Language English
Power voltage, power supply AC100~220V, 50/60Hz, 0.5kVA
Weight Sensor head 0.3kg, Control box 8kg
Usage environment 5~40℃, no condensation
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