Automatic small pieces arranging machine Tray Setter

[ Image ] Automatic small pieces arranging machine・Tray Setter PR401
A machine for arranging small-sized pieces such as stiffeners onto a tray. Chip boards of 3 to 15 mm are arranged at high speed automatically.
[ Image ] Tray Setter
  • Automatic identification of the front face and back face of chips and high-speed (0.3 seconds/piece) arrangement possible
  • Considerable manpower saving and automation realized in combined use with a placer



Application examples
  • [ Image ] Small-sized stiffener and others

    Small-sized stiffener and others

Max. work piece size X15mm x Y15mm
Arranging speed 0.33 s/piece
Feeding method Arranged piece: Manual
Tray: Manual


[ Image ] Dimensions PT601-SR


Model PR401
Type PR401-T
Application examples Various types of stiffener
Arranged piece Piece size X3~15mm / Y3~15mm
Piece thickness 0.05mm~0.5mm
Arranging capacity Accuracy *1 ±200μm
Speed *1 0.33 s/piece
Arrangement table Material Glass epoxy resin
Size X254mm / Y427mm
Piece Feed Manual
Tray Loading / Unloading Manual
Image processing Camera view X50mm x Y50mm (standard)
Pattern detection Pattern recognition via grayscale
Illumination type Transmission light, reflection light
Hardware Interface LAN,USB
Display 17 inch LCD with touch panel
Software OS Windows7
Production support function Front/rear determination, angle correction (180º)
Usage environment Weight Approx. 1,000kg
Power supply 3-phase, 180 to 220V AC, 50/60Hz, 1kVA
Dry air 0.5MPa
  1. Data taken using our test work sheet


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