Automatic ceramic substrate scribing machine Scriber

S125-ald / S230
[ Image ] Automatic ceramic substrate scribing machine・ScriberS125-ald / S230
A machine automatically splitting ceramic substrate. With an accuracy of ±30 μm, up to 230 x 230 mm in size can be supported.
[ Image ] Scriber
  • Fine cracks generated by a diamond rotary cutter to divide the board after baking
  • With washing process not required, splitting after mounting parts possible.
  • Splitting with high accuracy possible without being affected by board contraction because machining is performed after baking.
Application examples
  • [ Image ] Sintered ceramic substrate

    Sintered ceramic substrate

Max. work sheet size


X125mm x Y125mm


X230mm x Y230mm

Processing speed 500mm/s (100mm/s recommended)
Processing accuracy ±30μm


[ Image ] Dimensions S125-ald
[ Image ] Dimensions S230


Model S125-ald S230
Type S125-ald-2 S230
Application examples Sintered ceramic substrate
Machining target Max. work sheet size X125mm x Y125mm X230mm x Y230mm
Work sheet thickness 0.3~1.0mm
Work sheet suction face Entire bottom face
Processing capability Accuracy *1 ±30μm
Speed *1 500mm/s (100mm/s recommended)
Cutter Type Rotary diamond cutter
Outline size φ3.2 x 0.65(W)mm
Tip angle 130°
Pushing force 0.5~5kgf
Work sheet transfer Loading / Unloading Automatic Manual
Image processing Camera view X4.8 x Y3.6mm (standard)
Pattern detection Pattern recognition via grayscale
Illumination type Transmission light, reflection light
Hardware Interface LAN,USB
Display 17 inch LCD with touch panel
Software OS Windows7
Production support function Pushing pressure measurement (load cell)
Usage environment Weight Approx. 1,200kg Approx. 1,000kg
Power supply 1-phase, 180 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 3kVA
Dry air 0.5MPa
  1. Data taken using our test work sheet


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