Cordless Hydrogen Leak Detector YHLD-300

Cordless Hydrogen Leak Detector
[ Image ] Cordless Hydrogen Leak Detector YHLD-300

A portable and handy, small lightweight type, detecting any location freely

This detector is a cordless version inheriting as-is the function of YHLD-100 that detects concentrations in the range 0.5 ppm to 13,000 ppm. You can perform detection freely while checking with the display at hand. The energy saving function using the acceleration sensor is provided.
  • Yamaha's proprietary MEMS hydrogen sensor installed

  • Measured value quickly displayed on the display at hand by the one-touch peak hold function

  • Return after measurement also made quick through high-speed response in one second or less

  • Power supply from dry batteries or from outside possible


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Food and cosmetic product containers

    Food and cosmetic product containers

  • [ Image ] Engine


  • [ Image ] Air intake

    Air intake

  • [ Image ] Air conditioner

    Air conditioner

Detected concentration 0.5~13,000ppm
Detection method Sniffer method


[ Image ] Dimensions


Type YHLD-300
Sensor Catalytic combustion type MEMS sensor
Detection gas Hydrogen (Recommended tracer gas ratio: 5% / Hydrogen 95% nitrogen)
Detective gas concentration 0.5~13,000ppm (1.3%)
Response time Within 1 sec.
Display Main panel LCD display (monochrome, back light)
Detail Measured concentration (numerical value and bar graph)
Unit ppm
Language English
Mode select Holding peak, setting threshold
Adjustment Re-zero, "Wake up" (means recover for sensor)
Gas calibration Concentration calibration with standard gas (10,000ppm, 100ppm, 10ppm)
Alarm Screen display of measured concentration, buzzer sound, LED
Output Analog: DC1~5V (Horn jack 2 polesφ2.5)
Power voltage, power supply Size AA battery (4) or with external power supply DC5V (miniUSB or microUSB)
Weight 330g (Included batteries)
Usage environment Temp 5~50°C, Humidity under 80% (Non-condensing), atmospheric pressure
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