High Frequency Characteristics Measurement

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This system measures the high-frequency characteristics of bare circuit boards for 5G communication / millimeter wave signal using LCP, MPI and fluorine material.

Having trouble with evaluation of
high-frequency characteristics?

We don't know the true signal signal integrity performance of the circuit board.

Noise can be generated due to variation in contact position and changes in cable orientation, so I'm worried we might not be able to measure the real values...

It takes time and effort to measure the characteristics.

Carrying out 100% inspections of real products is too much work, but coupon inspection or sampling inspection might miss defective products...

We're worried because we do not know the industry standards.

An end user asked us to measure characteristics of a high-speed transmission circuit board, but we don't know what measurement method is standard…

100% inspection that overturns conventional inspection concepts

Gather all true characteristics and transform them into added value

You can obtain every kind of measurement data for every product. Beyond feedback into quality enhancement and product development, that data is also applicable to product warranties.

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[ Image ] result of 10 repeated measurements

The most important thing is reproducibility of repetitions

Highly reliable fully-automatic measurement system

Probing X/Y positions and Z stroke are controlled in ranges of a few µm, and our unique mechanism strictly avoids moving the measurement system in order to achieve stable inspection even at high frequencies above 40 GHz.

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Our unique mechanism absolutely minimizes cable movement.

Correct inspection makes the difference clear

Capture changes in the characteristics of all work pieces

These are real comments from customers who have already deployed the system.
"Now we can correctly assess the correlation with the measurement results after surface mounting."
"The difference between manual and machine measurement results was bigger than we anticipated."
"Accurate inspection has raised our yield."
"We discovered defects we couldn't have found before."
"Now we know the true performance of our products."
"Measurement before surface mount process is going to dramatically raise our production efficiency."

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Free sample test now on offer

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If it is difficult to visit our factory and check the performance on site, you can just send us a sample, and we can arrange an online demonstration.
Our measurement specialists will test and validate your sample and report the results to you free of charge. Please make the most of this opportunity.

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Consultation subjects

Circuit boards covered Rigid, flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards with high-speed signal transmission lines
Measurement items Insertion losses, reflection losses, VSWR, isolation, characteristic impedance, TDR, etc.
Measurement environment PXIe Multiport VNA by Keysight
Frequency: 44 GHz, 8 port
Please contact us if you wish to use your own measuring instruments
*We may not be able to provide free testing for some types of circuit board. Please note that the content of this page may be changed or terminated without notice.