High Frequency Characteristics Measurement System MP502/MP502-A

High Frequency Characteristics Measurement System
[ Image ]High Frequency Characteristics Measurement System MP502 / MP502-A
Enables the measurement of frequency characteristics with contact positioning accuracy of +/- 20 μm. Also supports automated loading and unloading.


Application examples
  • [ Image ] Rigid PCB

    Rigid PCB

  • [ Image ] Flex PCB

    Flex PCB

  • [ Image ] Rigid Flex PCB

    Rigid Flex PCB

Max. work sheet size (X)510 x (Y)610mm
Max. test fixture size (X)200 x (Y)200mm
Work sheet transfer Loading:Manual   Unloading:Manual(MP502-A Loading:Automatic Unloading:Automatic)


[ Image ] Dimensions MP502


Model MP502 MP502-A
Application examples Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Rigid-flex PCBs etc., with high speed transmission circuits
Test capability Work sheet size X150~510mm / Y150~610mm
Max. test fixture size X200 x Y200mm
Positioning accuracy*1 ±20μm
Work sheet transfer Loading / Unloading Manual Automatic
Usage environment Weight Approx. 2,500kg Approx. 3,000kg
Measurement item*2 Insertion loss, Return loss, VSWR, isolation, TDR etc.
  1. Indicates repeatability of relative positioning of in-house performance tests.
  2. Measurable items and measurement performance of each item differ depending on the specifications/performance of the vector network analyzer.

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