Metal plate bonding and soldering area inspection

Detects joint defects in soldered areas, which were previously difficult to inspect



Bonded parts manufacturers


Thorough quality control is required at metal plate bonded and blazed part manufacturing sites, due to the increase in awareness of reliability and safety in recent years.
However, mass production continues without any method capable of 100% inspection.

Application examples

Metal plate bonded and soldered parts
[Image] Metal plate bonded and soldered parts

The issue is the lack of an inspection method

Manufacturers had to rely on process management and defect analysis by X-ray CT, because until now there was no 100% inspection method for blazed parts of plate material.
Production was thus carried out with the risk of defect outflow, with large loss costs incurred in the effect of a defect outflow.


There is no 100% inspection method, and thus defect may outflow.


  • Defects are overlooked with process management alone
  • Defects cannot be judged from external appearance
  • Loss costs are large if defect outflow occurs

Conventional method

Process management only
[Image] Process management only

Resolved with ultrasonic sensors

Non-contact ultrasonic sensors in air have solved a long-running issue.
The advantage of introducing ultrasonic inspection is the impressive detection capability achieved by applying the principles most suitable for detecting peeling.
Human error is eliminated because the ultrasonic sensor directly detects peeling in areas that cannot be seen from the outside.


Incorporating ultrasonic sensors into the XY scan system enables 100% inspection of blazed parts scattered on large-area plate materials, which were previously difficult to inspect.


  • Direct detection with ultrasonic transmission
  • Quality assurance by 100% inspection
  • High-speed inspection by simply checking transmission level


Ultrasonic beam focus technology at 1mm or less
[Image] Ultrasonic beam focus technology at 1mm or less

Example system

[Image] Sensors can be built into your own systems

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