Automatic finishing of motorcycle fuel tanks

Automation of grinding and polishing of gas tanks for motorcycles



Motorcycle parts manufacturers


Pressed steel motorcycle fuel tanks are ground and polished by hand after welding.
The appearance of the design is affected, so high-level skills are required, but the shortage of workers and inconsistent quality are issues.

Application examples

Fuel tanks
[Image]  Fuel tanks

The issue is the significant work burden

Fuel tank finishing work demands high quality.
On the production lines for high-end models in particular, welding beads and shock lines must be erased as completely as possible, so high-level skills and abundant experience are required.
However, it is difficult to pass on such techniques, and the process is skill-dependent, so inconsistent quality was an issue.


Grinding and polishing were done by hand, but the high quality requirements made it difficult to get new workers to take over, and inconsistent quality was an issue.


  • Lack of experienced workers and new workers to take over
  • Variations in finishing quality
  • Significant labor burden due to the “3Ds” (dirty, dangerous, and demanding)

Conventional method

[Image] Conventional method

Resolved with a finishing robot system

Yamaha robot systems reproduce the artisans' advanced finishing skills.
The proprietary control techniques we learned in manufacturing musical instruments allow us to maintain high levels of quality.
Furthermore, we can perform even arduous tasks 24 hours a day.
This will lead to reductions in painting costs in subsequent processes, as well as improvement of “3Ds” (dirty, dangerous, and demanding).


Introducing a dedicated robot system for the finishing process to the processing line contributed to greater stability in quality levels, and reduced demands for workers.


  • Solved the issue of worker shortage and reduced labor costs
  • Stable quality levels achieved by curbing variations
  • Improved environment and reduced burden on workers

Example system

[Image] Example system