Automatic finishing of transport vehicles

Automation of the finishing of large parts such as those used in aircraft and rolling stock



Transportation equipment manufacturers


Labor saving is needed in transport vehicle manufacturing facilities. In particular, high quality standards are set for finishing processes, so Yamaha's finishing robot system, which can carry on the skills of experienced artisans, was installed.

Application examples

Aircraft/rolling stock/construction machinery
[Image]  Aircraft/rolling stock/construction machinery

The challenge is the significant work burden

As high quality is required, the processes used to finish large parts are mostly performed manually by skilled workers.
However, as this work is performed in a harsh work environment and requires a high level of skill, the customer faces a serious labor shortage.
Moreover, as the work relies on the workers' skill and experience, the finishing quality varies.


The grinding and polishing process was performed manually, thus leading to a serious labor shortage because of the high quality requirements and significant labor burden.


  • Lack of experienced workers and successors
  • Variations in the quality of the finish
  • Significant labor burden due to the “3Ds” (dirty, dangerous, and demanding)

Conventional method

[Image] Conventional method

Resolved with finishing robot system

Automate the finishing process for which high accuracy is a must with a robot system purposely-built for grinding and polishing.
Finishing quality is achieved with software and proprietary control methods that reproduce human senses and do not rely on worker skill.
As everything from replacing tools to supplying wax is automated, the system greatly reduces processing time, enabling mass production.


Introducing to the processing line a robot system especially for the finishing process contributed to more stable quality levels, and reduced demands for workers.


  • Solved the issue of worker shortage and reduced labor costs
  • Quality stabilization by curbing variations
  • Supports mass production by reducing processing time


[Image] Solution