Tooling hole punching for name plates and print films

Tooling holes for positioning are punched automatically, with high speed and precision



Name plate and print film manufacturers


Until now, positioning tooling holes for later processes, such as outline pressing, were punched one at a time by workers with hand-operated machinery.
That approach had problems with inconsistent processing precision, production efficiencies, shortages of workers, and other issues, so we introduced automatic film punchers.

Application examples

Name plates and print films
[Image]  Name plates and print films

The issue was that the use of hand-operated machinery is highly dependent on the skills of individual workers

Punching holes with manual tools requires concentration, and workers cannot step away from their machines for even a moment. Moreover, processing time, accuracy, and quality were inconsistent, as they depended on each individual worker’s experience level. Punching is a tough task with long working hours, and it is difficult to obtain workers in the current climate of workforce shortages.


Punching processes with manual tools achieved low yields, and it is challenging to raise productivity, hire workers, and stabilize quality.


  • Low per-capita productivity
  • Work quality dependent on experience
  • Long hours and a harsh working environment

Conventional method

[Image] Conventional method

Solved with automatic film processing machines

The use of film punchers to automate hole punching processes with high speed and precision delivers major improvements in productivity and quality. Trim punchers offer achieve further improvements in efficiency by performing outline punching without tooling hole punching. They characteristically have very safe and user-friendly designs in full consideration of the operator.


Solved by using film punchers for punching automation and trim punchers for outline punching without tooling holes.


  • Enhanced productivity through high-precision punching
  • Automatic processing, independent of experience
  • Operators can do other jobs during automatic processing


Pattern 1 : Film Puncher

Hole punching automation

[ Image ] Hole punching automation
Pattern 2 : Trim Puncher

Elimination of tooling holes

[ Image ] Elimination of tooling holes