How to select bare board testers

[ Image ] You might be wasting money... Think of bare board testers in terms of operating costs!
[ Image ] For bare board testers, choose Yamaha Fine Technologies!

Selecting equipment purely on price and specifications
may result in losses through running costs!

[ Image ] Running cost is a burden on operation!

Reduce total cost
with the Micro Prober MR Series!

[ Image ] Conventional tester MR Series
[ Image ] Save on total cost
Please don’t hesitate to contact us about the costs of deploying this system for your company.

Seven secrets
for cost reduction

We have built a system that cuts costs in all aspects.
This highly capable system maximizes customer profits.


Raises productivity.

1High-performance electrical inspection

Equipped with the most advanced high-performance testers to meet high-level requirements.

2Super-high-speed action design

NC drive and a design that takes dynamics into account, achieving accurate, high-speed action.

3Outstanding adjustability

Detailed servo tuning by professionals maximizes precision and speed.

[ Image ] Precise adjustment by artisans


Ready for immediate operation.

1Simple starting setup

Anyone can produce a professional-level setup, just by operating the touch screen as instructed.

2Refined UI

Software carefully designed for ease of use is intuitive to operate.

3No complex inputs required

Fixture design information, resistance values by 4-terminal judgment, measurement parameters, and more are acquired automatically.


Maintains performance.

1Automatic correction

Advanced image processing technology automatically corrects for the position and rotation of the whole board, expansion and contraction, and other factors.

2Automatic recovery

Overlooked reference marks and work sheet supply errors are detected and functionality is automatically restored.

3Good part selection

High-quality Japanese-made parts prevent spontaneous noise- and contact-induced errors.

[ Image ] Conventional tester, MR Series


Longer lifespan.

1Low failure rate

Engineers around the world respect Yamaha inspection equipment for its robustness.

2High reliability

Risks are reduced by a range of validation processes, including strength analysis, durability testing, and lifespan calculation.

3Easy maintenance

Modular design backed by high-quality customer service achieves rapid recovery.

[ Image ] Flexure durability testing, Structural analysis, Lifespan calculation


Simple setup and changeover

1Compact fixtures

Small test fixtures are easy to replace and manage, making maintenance far easier.

2One-touch replacement

Fixtures can be mounted or removed with a single step. Tricky positioning work is done by automatic adjustment.

3Simple for anyone to set up

Anyone can produce a professional-level setup, just by operating the touch screen as instructed.

[ Image ] Fixture change As little as 2 minutes


Easy on fixtures

1High 1-pass rate

A high contact positioning precision of ±5μm raises the no-adjustment rate and reduces load on fixtures.

2High inspection efficiency

Batch contact with multipiece-supporting fixtures raises the inspection efficiency per fixture.

3Load reduction function

The system is equipped with a function to control press pressure, and another to suppress contact impact.

[ Image ]Damage rates over time


Enhances quality.

1Visualize results

The statistical analysis tool graphs movements in defect rates and resistance values and contributes to process improvement.

2Discern differences

Lot trends are identified by high-precision 4-terminal inspection and resistance measurement in compliance with international standards.

3Trace after shipment

Inspection results are tied to individual pieces, to ensure traceability even after shipment.

Line up

Product image










Number of test points Upper head : 1,534
Lower head : 1,022
Upper head : 4,094
Lower head : 4,094
Upper head : 2,046
Lower head : 2,046
Upper head : 1,534
Lower head : 1,534
Upper head : 2,046
Lower head : 2,046
Upper head : 2,046
Lower head : 2,046
Upper head : 1,534
Lower head : 1,022
Upper head : 1,534
Lower head : 894
Upper head : 1,022
Lower head : 1,022
Work sheet size 260×400mm 260×500mm 260×400mm 260×280mm 610×510mm 610×510mm Roll width : 260mm Roll width : 620mm Roll width : 510mm