Helium Leak Tester for Drums

Leak tester for drums with high-speed detection and drum transport

The Helium leak tester can ensure reliability through complete product testing, and it contributes to productivity with its high-speed testing and drum transport.
Also, it can improve cost-efficiency with its mechanism for preventing warping in thin containers.

Helium Leak Tester for Drums

Ensures reliability through complete product testing

The helium inspection system allows for accurate leak detection for large drums whose leaks were previously difficult to detect. This enables automatic detection of fine leaks from welded rolled seams, other welded parts, and defective material, greatly increasing product reliability.

Mechanism for preventing warping in thin containers

The warping prevention mechanism, which prevents warping in the product caused by pressure differences during testing (without the use of a jig), improves cost-efficiency.

High-speed detection and drum transport increase productivity

The detection speed of the Helium leak tester for drums matches the speed of drum production. This increases productivity by making production line construction easier: the Helium leak tester can be incorporated into a testing station with surrounding devices as part of a larger system.

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