Precision machine: Product sample videos
(Film Puncher/Trim Puncher/Micro Prober)Videos for all processing stages: deburring, finishing, and polishing

Videos of Every Step in the Production Process with Film Punchers, Trim Puncher, and Micro Prober

The following videos show some of the machine offered by Yamaha Fine Technologies at work.

  • Film Puncher F250DD-RTR
    >Film Puncher F250DD-RTR

    Watch the video

    Time: 2min. 40 sec. / File size: 5.50MB / Format: WMP

    Ultra high-speed Film Puncher for roll to roll type

  • Trim Puncher T302
    Trim Puncher T302

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    Time: 2 min. 15 sec. / File size: 4.61MB / Format: WMP

    High-speed, high-precision Multiple-shape Hole puncher for sheet by sheet type

  • Micro Prober MR502
    Micro Prober MR502

    Watch the video

    Time: 1 min. 54 sec. / File size: 3.66MB / Format: WMP

    Double-sided, multi-layer FPC / PCB Electrical Testing Machine

  • Placers PS404
    Placers PS404

    Watch the video

    Time: 2 min. 11sec. / File size: 70.50MB / Format: WMP

    Electrical Testing Machine for HDI

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Factory visits

Our facilities include a demo room to allow customers to come and perform evaluations and tests on our equipment. Please contact us to find out more.

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