Low-cost system (Leak Cube System)We can also engineer these systems to meet customer specifications, whether they need to be made for use in high-pressure applications, be fully automated, or be otherwise customized.

External dimensions / Product Specifications

By distilling all the main functions into one compact package, we have created a helium leak tester that is low-cost, available with a short lead time, and compact.

Low-cost system (Leak Cube System)

Package type: the Leak Cube system

Exterior dimensions

Exterior dimensions

Demo system specifications
Item/aspect Specifications
Workpiece Engine cover Absorber
Detection capability Detection method 180 degree magnetic deflection mass spectrometer
Detection range 1.0×10-9 ~ 9.0×10-3 [Pam3/sec]
Cycle time
(excluding workpiece change time)
(depends on chamber volume and judgment value)
Helium inclusion pressure max0.9Mpa(G)
Optional components Workpiece volume 400[cc]
Chamber dimensions (W)380mm
Approx. 13[L]
Approx. 4.2[L]
Demo system Dimensions (W)900mm × (D)1100mm × (H)1500mm
Chamber vacuum pump 100[m3/h]
Workpiece vacuum pump 21[m3/h]
Detector vacuum pump 25[m3/h]
Use environment Temperature 10~40℃
Power source 3ØAC200V±10% 50/60Hz 300VA
Helium 0.4[MPa] Rc 3/8 inch
Air 0.4[MPa] Rc 3/8 inch
Nitrogen gas 0.2[MPa] Rc 3/8 inch
Operating display panel Operating display panel 5in LCD touch panel
Languages Japanese / English/Chinese/Korean
Operating modes Helium detection, master check (inspection based on a standard leak)
Detector calibration Internal calibration, external calibration
Configuration settings Threshold values, master check upper and lower limits, calibration, leak rates, etc
History Inspection history, error history, maintenance counter, cumulative counter
Input/output signals 20 input/output signals including external startup/shutdown, mode selection, and errors
Data management USB port (A type) USB Ver. 1.1
Connect to commercially available USB memory device, CF I/F, etc., and save configuration values, inspection history, and error logs
The system specifications above have been estimated by Yamaha Fine Tech for the purposes of providing a demo system. The leak volumes, helium inclusion rates, and other values given here are not intended as specifications for customer use.

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