Low-cost system (Leak Cube System)We can also engineer these systems to meet customer specifications, whether they need to be made for use in high-pressure applications, be fully automated, or be otherwise customized.

This is a precision leak tester that both saves space and is available with a short lead time.

By distilling all the main functions into one compact package, we have created a helium leak tester that is low-cost, available with a short lead time, and compact.

Low-cost system (Leak Cube System)

A precision leak tester with one common component

In addition to conventional helium leak detecting functions, the Leak Cube system also features the core systems for chamber valves, helium sealing valves, and helium detection, all consolidated in one box to save space and allow for shorter lead times. You can select the right chamber, vacuum pump, or other component based on the specifications you require, such as those based the nature of the workpieces for inspection or your desired cycle time

Replacing dunking and air pressure inspections

Compared with dunk-type or air-pressure based leak inspection methods, the Leak Cube system is not affected by the temperature of the workpiece or the temperature or humidity of the use environment, allowing for more accurate inspection results. Pieces can be inspected directly after a quick cleaning and warm water wash

All operations are controlled by one LCD touch panel

All the operations available for this system are brought together in one LCD touch panel, making operations easier. This panel makes it simple to configure the inspection parameters to exactly what you require as the user. Data management is also simple because the data can be loaded directly into a PC

Also compatible with multiobjective production and equipment investment controls

Because there are only two lines that connect to the chamber, the Leak Cube system can be changed over to inspect products to different specifications by simply changing those two lines and loading the correct data.

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