Helium Leak Tester for Drums

External dimensions / Product Specifications

The Helium leak tester can ensure reliability through complete product testing, and it contributes to productivity with its high-speed testing and drum transport.
Also, it can improve cost-efficiency with its mechanism for preventing warping in thin containers.

Helium Leak Tester for Drums

Leak Tester for Drums

Exterior dimensions

Exterior dimensions

Product Specifications
Model Leak Tester for Drums
Detection method Vacuum chamber method
Cycle time 4.7 sec.* (2-chamber type)
* Cycle times vary based on specification programs and the number of chambers used.
Testable wheel sizes JIS Z 1601 or ISO type B
Volume: 200 L
Detectable leak rate Leakage from a hole with a diameter of 0.06 mm
Helium inclusion pressure 0MPa(G)
Internal chamber pressure -0.1MPa(G)
Helium concentration 0.15% or less

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Helium Leak Tester

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