System buildingSolving problems in finishing processes with standardized combinations of robots and peripherals

Here we introduce some of our combined systems for finishing robots.

Combinations with peripherals

Here we feature an example of a system that combines peripherals with a robot.
We offer systems that are tailored to the needs of each customer.

Example: Tool grasping robot system

Example: Tool grasping robot system
  • ◆1. Robot
  • ◇2. System base
  • ◆3. Tool drive mechanism (tool head/tool holder)
  • ◎4. Workpiece fixing (robot hand/jig)
  • ◆5. Workpiece supply device
  • ◇6. Safety enclosure (safety and environmental measures: dust and noise prevention)
  • ◇7. Dust collecting (hood, piping, dust collector)
  • ◇8. System controller (controller base, operation panel, indicator lights)
  • ◆9. Other peripheral devices and tool changers
◆: Chosen from the standard lineup  ◇:Chosen from past special orders  ◎: Custom ordered based on the workpiece

Workpiece grasping and tool grasping

Depending on the finishing methods used, we will select either workpiece-grasping or tool-grasping robots.

Comparison when the robot size is the same

Comparison when the robot size is the same

Comparison when the workpiece size is the same

Comparison when the workpiece size is the same

Item for comparison Workpiece grasping Tool grasping
Workpiece to be finished Weight Restricted by the robot's loading capacity Unrestricted
Size Restricted by the robot's loading capacity Robot motion, workpiece motion
Type (compatible with multiobjective applications) Requires hand change (AHC) Changing jigs etc.
Tooling Tool types Range of robot motion (many) Limited (for ATC or AHC*)
Tool head output High output because installed on the floor Restricted by the robot's loading capacity
Machining capacity Can do many types of high-power machining Limitations on tool power
Systemization Workpiece fixing method Needs to be worked out for the robot grasping hand Simple with a jig
Workpiece supply system Pallet or stocker system Device to supply to jig
Line incorporation Can also be used for handling Built-in devices, etc.
Other Cycle time Actual process + workpiece setting Actual process (+ tool changes)
Robot teaching Workpiece handling resembles that of a human Hand tool work resembles that of a human
Dust collection efficiency Unidirectional hood system Collects dust in all directions
Overall Process cell building General-purpose process unit building

Note: ◎○△ are estimated judgments, not applicable in all cases.
*AHC: Auto Hand Change or Auto (tooling) Head Change, ATC: Auto Tool Change

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Inquiries regarding finishing robot systems

This page lists contact information for inquiries finishing robot systems.

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