WS056S (part handling deburring and polishing machine)A general-purpose workpiece grasping device for deburring and finishing small metal components

External dimensions / Product Specifications

The WS056S handles parts and works on them with a sanding head. Compared with tool handling, this system saves space.

WS056S (part handling deburring and polishing machine)

Exterior dimensions

WS056S (part handling deburring and polishing machine)

Product Specifications
Model WS056S part handling deburring and polishing machine
Footprint W2000xD2000+αxH2000(mm)
Mass 1500kg
Workpiece to be finished Deburring and chamfering of small metal parts.
Parts must have areas within 200 × 200 mm and weights at or below 1 kg.
Workpiece supply and removal Jig above air shuttle line (standard)/manual insertion and removal by the operator
Machine type selection 1–99 numerical selection system
Robot FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iD/7
Power source AC200–220V+10%/ー15% 3 phase 50/60Hz
Powersupply capacity 5KVA
Air supply Air pressure: 0.4MPa  Consumption: 100NL/min
Other Custom designs are available.
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