LR Mate 200iD/7 Type

A small, dedicated finishing process robot, equivalent to a human arm in size

Installing Yamaha's dedicated finishing process control systems on a small six-axis robot made by FANUC enables load feedback controls that make adjustments for tool wear on buff grinders, brushes, and other tools, as well as pressure controls that allow the pressure of the tool being applied to the workpiece to be adjusted freely.

LR Mate 200iD/7 Type



Product Specifications

Model LR Mate 200iD LR Mate 200iD/4S
Controlled axes 6 axes (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6)
Reach 717 mm 550 mm
Installation types *1 Floor, ceiling, diagonal
Range of motion
(maximum speed)
J1 axis 340°/360° (option)(450°/s)5.93 rαd /6.28 rαd (option)(7.85 rαd/s) 340°/360° (option)(450°/s)5.93 rαd /6.28 rαd (option)(7.85 rαd/s)
J2 axis 245°(380°/s)
4.28 rαd (6.63 rαd/s)
4.01 rαd (8.03 rαd/s)
J3 axis 420°(520°/s)
7.33 rαd (9.08 rαd/s)
6.93 rαd (9.08 rαd/s)
J4 axis 380°(550°/s)
6.63 rαd (9.60 rαd/s)
6.63 rαd (9.77 rαd/s)
J5 axis 250°(545°/s)
4.36 rαd (9.51 rαd/s)
4.19 rαd (9.77 rαd/s)
J6 axis 720°(1000°/s)
12.57 rαd (17.45 rαd/s)
12.57 rαd (15.71 rαd/s)
Wrist loading capacity (mass) 7 kg 4 kg
Maximum payload at wrist (momentary) J4 axis 16.6 N・m 8.86 N・m
J5 axis 16.6 N・m 8.86 N・m
J6 axis 9.4 N・m 4.90 N・m
Maximum payload at wrist (inertia) J4 axis 0.47 kg・㎡ 0.20 kg・㎡
J5 axis 0.47 kg・㎡ 0.20 kg・㎡
J6 axis 0.15 kg・㎡ 0.067 kg・㎡
Position repeatability ± 0.02 mm
Robot mass *2 25 kg 20 kg
Installation conditions Ambient temperature: 0–4°C
Humidity: normal 75%RH or less (must be no condensation), short-term 95%RH or less (one month or less)
Vibration amplitude: 0.5G or less
  • *1. The range of motion for J1 and J2 axes are restricted when the robot is installed diagonally.
  • *2. Does not include the mass of the control portion.
  • *3. Cutting fluids that degrade seals, including those containing organic solvents, acids, alkalies, or chlorine, cannot be used.

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